Send us your pitches and reviews here! If you've already written a review, send it our way. You're welcome to send us reviews, though you might be better off sending a pitch or short query--telling us what you want to write about, how you're going to write about it, and a brief description of your credentials--to see if we're already covering the media you want to review. In the subject field of the pitch, please be sure to specify if you're submitting a PITCH or an ESSAY/REVIEW. Also, specify the media (ie., "PITCH-BOOK REVIEW-<book title>").

ALSO: Feel free to defy the traditional book review in any way you see fit. Books covered need not necessarily be current. For reference, we were big fans of the 25-points reviews that used to appear in HTML Giant back in the day, and the hopelessly out-of-date ones that appear in The Believer.